10 of the Absolute Worst Freshman Roommate Stories

Being a freshman in college can be pretty scary, but add a monsterous roommate on top of that and you’ve just entered a new layer of hell. The people of r/AskReddit are probably suffering some PTSD after going through this.  1. via krukson 2. via dandalions 3. via Dreamlite 4. via Magnificent_Z 5. via recreationAtion 6. via oren0 7. via MonkeyPost 8….

16 Skeleton Memes That Are 2 Spooky 4 U

Beware, the skeletons you are about to see are incredibly spooky. Perhaps far 2 spooky 4 u. Proceed with caution and respect for the spookiness. 1. via LORDJIGGLYPUFFTHEMALEVOLENT 2. via LORDJIGGLYPUFFTHEMALEVOLENT 3. via N4chtm4hr 4. via knowyourmeme 5. via nardokor 6. via Ziau 7. via DillyDylan 8. via ThaYoungPenguin 9. via Spookies_ 10. via muttensmcgee 11. via…