10 People Tell the Stories of Their Worst Valentine's Day Gifts


Valentine’s Day is one of the more stressful holidays – so many expectations about love and commitment have been heaped on it that it’s almost impossible to truly fulfill your partner’s dreams and wishes for what is (supposedly) the “most romantic day of the year.” That being said, it’s pretty hard to mess it up as bad as some of the stories from this r/AskReddit thread, which asked people to recount the WORST possible Valentine’s Day gifts.

In short: no matter how badly you fucked up Valentine’s Day, you probably did better than these people.

1. If you’re going to lie to your partner and string them along while holding out for an ex, at LEAST remember to label your gifts correctly.


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2. Even if it hadn’t gone bad, a “cool-shaped potato” is a pretty bad gift.


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3. Reminder: no one is ever excited to get a surprise penis.


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4. I almost understand his (skewed) logic here, but you should probably not give a Valentine’s Day gift that’s based around piss.


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5. This is actually a very thoughtful gift, but also pretty counterintuitive if your end goal is to have sex more.


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6. Nothing says “love” like financial reimbursement!


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7. This is what happens when you can’t tell the difference between Cards Against Humanity and real life.


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8. Note: the original post on r/relationships was deleted, but still (for the time being) is up on r/Sex. Check it out. It’s….depressing.


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9. “Implying your partner is too fat” isn’t exactly The Notebook.


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10. And now, for some actual good advice.


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