The 7 Unluckiest People in History

Reddit users have volunteered their guesses of the unluckiest people in history. Here are our favorites, along with our own picks, in no particular order:

1. Ann Hodges


 She survived being struck by a meterorite so maybe luckiest/unluckiest is closer than we think.

2. Ignaz Semmelweis


Semmelweis championed hand-washing in life and in death.

3. Violet Jessop


Maybe she has bad luck or maybe she just should have stopped getting on boats.

4. Walter Summerford


Lightening striked twice twice for Summerford.

5. Roy Sullivan


Sullivan holds the Guinness World Record for most times struck by lightening. He was struck seven times in his life, making people fearful stand next to him while outside. He survived lighting strikes but died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. 

6. Robert Todd Lincoln


Lincoln was in the area of his father’s Abe Lincoln’s, McKinley’s, and Garfield’s assassinations. He refused future presidential invitations, as he recognized the terrible luck.

7. (and 8.) Jason and Jenny Cairns-Lawrence


This couple from Birmingham, England vacationed to New York during 9/11, London during the 2005 suicide bombings, and Mumbai during the 2008 attacks.

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