JK Rowling Has Been Roasting Trolls On Twitter Nonstop Lately


Here’s an objective truth: JK Rowling has done more good in the world than you or I will EVER do. Not only has she brought a lot of joy to a whole bunch of people through her insanely popular Harry Potter series, but she’s the rarest kind of millionaire you can find: the kind that USED to be a billionaire….until she donated away so much money to charities that she got downgraded.

And despite this, she receives a pretty good amount of abuse online – which isn’t TOO surprising, given she’s a politically-vocal celebrity on Twitter, but is still something of a bummer when you look at how ANGRY complete strangers are at a person they’ve never met and has never done them any harm. Luckily, JK Rowling is a pretty stellar writer, and as such has become the queen of comebacks – particularly in 2017, where (due to the political climates in both the US and the UK) she has really let loose.

Of course, not everything is politically-minded comebacks – some of it is just plain ol’ ragging on idiots:

…but most of it is roasting trolls:

And it’s not limited to just random Twitter trolls sending her abuse on a daily basis – JK Rowling knows who her real foes are…the people who are actually IN POWER:





So remember: troll in the dungeon? Call JK Rowling.

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